dimanche 11 janvier 2009

Huîtres / Oysters

Oysters presented on the half shell and served with bread, butter, red wine vinegar with shallots, and lemon.  Add a glass of white wine and lunch is complete.  

My preference is the N° 3 size like these ones.  I usually eat the Quiberon, Fines de claires or Oléron varieties in France.  

The shells take a bit of care to open to avoid accidentally cutting your hand with the oyster knife.  
Wrap the shell in a tea towel (or use one of the specially developed gloves or plastic mats) with the deeper half of the shell on the bottom to catch as much liquid as possible.  Insert the tip of the oyster knife near the hinge and twist to pry the shells apart.  Run the blade along the inside of the top shell to sever the muscle.  Remove the top shell.  Run the blade around the oyster to loosen it from the bottom shell.

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